The Debates of Social Media


We log in and the notifications alight

Now we must click to the most ferocious of fights

There, on the screen, is the race to be right

A quick search on Google and the answer is there

Someone else chimes in, no time to be fair

Back and forth, citation and study

Don’t bother to read them, it’s just not necessary

But what data is truest, we must know for sure

An expert starts typing, some deep analysis

A claim and a contradiction,

Together they create so much friction

No, we assert, there’s no way I’m wrong

Search for the next study, the one that’s real long

It’s not enough, we need a few more

Now the stack is tall, high as the next floor

Present them as evidence, not just as truth

After all, we’ve never considered the issue prior to this

Something upset us, deep down inside

A hatred, for I can’t stand your kind

It’s not that I’m right, but that you must be wrong

Your possible concession is what drives me along

The studies are teetering now, they seem ready to fall

That might be what’s best for us all

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By KM Patten

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